Large Jar Candles

Peppermint Large Jar Candle
Enjoy the authentic aroma of a sweet peppermint stick whenever the craving strikes with this Peppermint candle from Goose Creek. A favorite for the holiday season, this 24-oz. large jar candle burns cleanly and evenly for up to 150 hours. The authentic aroma of peppermint is blended with hints of...
Frozen in Time Large Jar Candle
One of the joys of the holiday season is waking up, looking out the window and realizing it snowed during the night. As you gaze at the landscape you see fresh snow covering the ground, homes and trees, creating a beautiful winter scene that makes you want to go outside...
Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle
Bring the magic of Christmas into your home every time you light our Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle. With two wicks, this candle provides you with up to 150 hours of its enchanting aroma. This candle may become one of your holiday favorites, because it captures the sweet smell of...
Winter Splendor Large Jar Candle
Close your eyes and take a stroll outdoors in the crisp, wintry air and take in a holiday scene of snow-capped trees and snow-covered walkways. You feel invigorated as the familiar scent of peppermint and cinnamon top notes from our Winter Splendor Large Jar Candle reach your nose. Ah, this...
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