Classic Christmas Tree Large Jar Candle

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Classic Christmas Tree Fragrance

About this fragrance:

The chilled aroma of snow-covered Christmas Trees fills the air.

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Prominent scent notes:

Top: Crisp Spruce, Earthy Pine

Mid: Snowy Woodlands

Base: Tree Bark, Cedarwood

About the product:

BurnTime: Up to 150 Hours

Wax Info: Premium Paraffin

Dimensions: 4" D X 6.6" H

Style: Classic Christmas Tree Large Jar Candle

Size: 24oz (680g)

Wicks: 2 wicks - 100% lead free

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented, Clean Burn

The earthy smell of pine trees is a familiar one for anyone who has spent time in a pine forest or had the pleasure of enjoying a live Christmas pine tree. In fact, pine is the quintessential Christmastime smell, and if you can’t get enough of this outdoorsy fragrance, you can make our Christmas Tree Large Jar Candle a part of your holiday activities.

We take great care in creating our version of this popular scent, because we know you expect nothing but the best, and that’s exactly what we deliver. You can smell the quality with each whiff of crisp spruce and earthy pine top notes. But, scented candles of this caliber also require more depth of character, which is why we also add our snowy woodlands as a mid-note and combine that with base notes of tree bark and cedarwood.

This is one of those scented candles that transports you to a path deep in the woods where you walk along, gazing at magnificent snow-capped pine trees. The deep green color makes it a great choice for creating a classic Christmas atmosphere for family and friends.