Egg Nog Icing Large Jar Candle

Eggnog Icing Fragrance

About this fragrance:

Christmas morning is here! Our unique eggnog icing recipe is perfect for the delicious Christmas cupcakes.

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Prominent scent notes:

Top: Honey, Cinnamon, Butter

Mid: Cream, Caramel, Soft Spice

Base: Vanilla Bean, Milk

About the product:

Burn-Time: Up to 150 Hours

Dimensions: 4" D X 6.6" H

Style: Egg Nog Icing Large Jar Candle

Size: 24oz (680g)

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented, Clean Burn

Eggnog. The word conjures up all sorts of fond memories of festive holiday fun enhanced with one or more mugs of a thick, creamy drink with just the right amount of spices. There’s no middle ground when it comes to eggnog, you either love it or…never mind, and for those who do, there’s no end to the ways you can enjoy this flavor during the holidays. In addition to the popular silky-smooth drink, you can also indulge in eggnog flavored cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, cheesecake and even pancakes. Being creative, we thought we’d make a candle version, and so we came up with this delicious-smelling Egg Nog Icing Large Jar Candle. During the holidays, eggnog icing is often used as a sweet finish for cupcakes and sugar cookies. This fragrance version is so rich and yummy you may develop a craving for it.

Our tantalizing candle combines top notes of butter, honey and cinnamon with middle notes of cream, caramel and soft spice. A dash of vanilla bean and milk infuses our recipe with wholesome goodness. We’ve topped ourselves with this one, creating one of those scrumptious Christmas candles you can enjoy during holiday season and all year-long.