Frozen in Time Large Jar Candle

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Frozen in Time Fragrance

About this fragrance:

Time is frozen as you explore a winter wonderland. Happy memories from your childhood live again.

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Prominent scent notes:

Top: Vanilla Peppermint

Mid: Frosted Grapefruit, Fruity Citrus Blend

Base: Frozen Snowdrops, Cashmere Woods

About the product:

BurnTime: Up to 150 Hours

Wax Info: Premium Paraffin

Dimensions: 4" D X 6.6" H

Style: Frozen in Time Large Jar Candle

Size: 24oz (680g)

Wicks: 2 wicks - 100% lead free

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented, Clean Burn

One of the joys of the holiday season is waking up, looking out the window and realizing it snowed during the night. As you gaze at the landscape you see fresh snow covering the ground, homes and trees, creating a beautiful winter scene that makes you want to go outside for a walk, so you can enjoy the splendor of nature.

Our refreshing Moment in Time Large Jar Candle brings this experience indoors, and you can enjoy that crisp, feeling of walking outdoors surrounded by fresh snow during the winter season or any time of year. Helping you along on your aromatic journey are notes of energizing vanilla peppermint, frozen snowdrops and cashmere woods.

These aromas produce a nice throw, filling the room with the scent of serene winter. However, our scented candles always give you much more, and that’s why we also include refreshing citrus notes.

You can enjoy this wonderful wintry scent for up to 150 hours thanks to a generous amount of our premium paraffin wax. Add this one to your Christmas candles gift list so family and friends can also enjoy beautiful wintry moments.