Unicorn Candy Wax Melt


Unicorn Candy Fragrance

About this fragrance:

The mouthwatering aroma of sour candies covered with sparkling sugar.

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Prominent scent notes:

Top: Blue Raspberry, Candied Sugar

Mid: Rock Candy, Peach Cr�me

Base: Wild Currant, Mixed Berry

About the product:

BurnTime: 50-80 hours\n

Wax Info: Premium Paraffin Blend\n

Style: Wax Melt

Size: 2.1oz (59g)\n

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented

Unicorns are real! At least they are whenever you choose to place pieces of this yummy Unicorn Candy Wax Melt into your warmer. As its magical scent takes shape and begins drifting through the air, all you have to do to see a unicorn is close your eyes and relax.

Everyone’s aromatic experience is different, and so you may see different kinds of unicorns than others, but that’s part of the fun. Okay, you may also feel a strong desire for this wax melt because you love the taste and smell of sweet and sour candies, and that’s cool too. We figured that if unicorns like eating candy, this is what they’d choose, which is where the inspiration came from to create this mouthwatering fragrance.

It’s a sparkling candy blend that includes top notes of blue raspberry and candied sugar. Next, we mixed in mid-notes of rock candy and peach crème, and then we added fruity base notes of mixed berry and wild currant. Believe and enjoy.