Winter Bayberry Large Jar Candle

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Winter Bayberry Fragrance

About this fragrance:

It's a winter classic. The fruity and fresh aroma of bayberry fills the air.

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Prominent scent notes:

Top: Fruity Bayberry, Soft Pine

Mid: Soft Balsam, Citrus

Base: Light Woods

About the product:

BurnTime: Up to 150 Hours

Wax Info: Premium Paraffin

Dimensions: 4" D X 6.6" H

Style: Winter Bayberry Large Jar Candle

Size: 24oz (680g)

Wicks: 2 wicks - 100% lead free

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented, Clean Burn

The holiday season is here and that means that it’s time to enjoy the aroma of our classic Winter Bayberry Large Jar Candle. Many families have a long-standing tradition of lighting and enjoying the pleasant fragrance of a bayberry candle on Christmas Eve. You can continue this tradition or start your own with our lovely green candle. It perfectly captures the scent of fresh, red bayberries found in woodland areas. There’s nothing quite like it, and for many, this is the smell of Christmas. Whether you desire to light it on Christmas Eve or make it one of your regular seasonal Christmas candles to enjoy every day, this fragrance is sure to become a holiday favorite.

Our scented candle is made of premium paraffin infused with top notes of fruity bayberry and soft pine. Soft balsam is another familiar scent associated with bayberries. For added authenticity and vibrancy, we include refreshing citrus and earthy light woods, creating a full-bodied aroma that offers a strong throw. With up to 150 hours of burn time, you can enjoy this fragrance for quite a while during holiday celebrations.